Modelling is an amazing thing to witness – the kid will say and do things that match what we say or do. I am still often surprised by what she picks up. Toddlers catch everything.

Lately the kid has been playing a bit rough. She gets excited and she doesn’t know her own strength. She certainly doesn’t mean to hurt anyone, but when she’s playing or there’s a tickle fight she often loses a little bit of control. She’s 2.5, she has to learn, and we’re trying to teach her. If we tell her to stop and she doesn’t, there’s time out, if she hurts us she has to apologize and we can tell that she feels badly.

Last night at dinner we had a bit of a talk about rough play. She’s always sorry when she realizes that we’re upset with her. She really doesn’t like it.

This morning she was sitting on the bottom stair when I was coming back from my shower. When I asked what was wrong she told me that her baby (Cabbage Patch Kid) had scratched her and hurt her.

She was sitting on the stair and she looked so sad.

I said to her: “Your baby scratched you? But you still love her right?”


“And she didn’t mean to hurt you.”


It’s these little moments when you’re reminded that they watch everything and hear everything and they understand. It’s just amazing.

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