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Baby Girl

July 24th, 2012 | Posted by Amy Boughner in #ToddlerLife | Parenting

I love my kid, I really do, and I would do almost anything for her, but this thing where she pretends she’s a baby and still needs me to hold the bottle for her and carry her around? It’s driving me nuts.

Her father and I have both told her all the reasons we love that she’s a big girl now – we can walk and run and play with her, she can talk to us and tell us stories and tell us what she needs, that we love watching her do things like her soccer lessons and swimming and gymnastics. We tell her that being a baby is no fun because babies don’t get to play  like she does or help Mommy in the kitchen or eat all the things she likes.

I don’t miss the baby stage at all. I mean, the naps and the quiet cuddles I do miss occasionally, but this kid is so awesome. I love talking to her and watching her play and imagine.

Quite often she loves being a big kid, but sometimes – like this morning – she declared that “I’m a baby,” and asks me to wrap her up in her blanket, and hold her sippy cup for her so she can drink her milk and she starts saying “Gaga Googoo.”

What’s the charm? It’s not like she’s competing with a baby here. Most of the time she wants to do things “by MYSELF,” so why does she then revert to the needy baby stage?

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