This year I missed the Social Capital Conference. I’ve been dead on my feet for a few days, and I was going through a lot of tissues and when I woke up it just wasn’t going to happen – I was dragging myself around. I needed to take a sick day.

This means that I missed some great presentations, I missed seeing people I like and meeting new people, and I missed leading a roundtable on group blogs. A few people have told me that they were planning on sitting in on my roundtable, and it was something that I was excited to talk to people about.

I am a contributor at, sometimes more regularly than others; I am a blogger for Care2 Causes (you can mostly find me in the Canada section), which is something I’ve being doing for the past two and a half months and I’m really enjoying it; I blog with my husband at The Adventures of Captain No Nap, though not recently, but mostly I wanted to talk about Absolute Equality.

Absolute Equality was an idea that came to me while I was still working for the NDP, and though I talked to a few people about it, I knew that it probably wasn’t really a good idea to start the site while I was still there. The idea of the site might actually have been one of the reasons that led me to quit. It is a site that is lacking here in Canada, in my opinion – a place for women to voice their political opinions about whatever is going on in their region, province, in the country or overseas. A place for women to write about issues that they feel passionately about and hopefully spark discussion. I know a lot of smart, passionate women, I am passionate about politics and I know that there’s always a lot going on and no one of us can know it all.

Absolute Equality is my first try at running such a blog. I sent out emails to those friends I have that can write and would be willing to share opinions, I raised some money using IndieGoGo which allowed me to pay a graphic designer for this great logo:

Courtesy Cara Rowlands

I created a Facebook Page and a Group, and of course you can follow the project @AbsoluteEqual.

My goal is to gain sponsors and advertisers, be able to pay contributors and spark real discussion and maybe some movement. At the very least, I’d like the people who read this blog to learn about something that bothers them that they hadn’t heard about.

It is very early in this experience so I have no idea how much I would have contributed to the conversation, but the steps I took before starting this site were: 1) Coming up with the idea and brainstorming a bit,  2) Talking to smart people I know about the idea and getting honest feedback 3) Sharing the idea with a few close friends and asking for contributions, 4) A soft launch, 5) Just keep on going and see if it works.

I don’t know how long to wait it out, I’m guessing I’ll get a feeling if the work becomes too much and I’m not seeing any benefit or growth. I don’t know how to promote it, I’m just doing my best on Twitter and Facebook right now – oh, and I have a board on Pinterest.

Right now it’s all in the begging and bothering and learning, and we’ll see what happens from there.

(But seriously, if you want to write something let me know!)

Basically I’m going to try because I’m passionate about the idea, and we’ll see what happens.

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