It seems as though whenever something terrible happens – like the so-called Danzig shooting in Toronto July 16 – someone decides that the problem is absentee fathers. By which they mean that the problem is single mothers.

They call this the breakdown of family and of society, but single mothers have existed for a long time. I hear they even had a few in the 50s.

As the child of a single mother I’m confused by this blame. I would much rather that we blame a society that doesn’t give single mothers the support they need to help their children succeed.

Unfortunately, Toronto’s mayor doesn’t believe in social programs. Rob Ford says “the best social program is a job.” Well, how about some investment in early childhood education to give kids a leg up while their single mothers work hard to keep a roof over their head and food on the table? How about some grants for lower income families so their children can afford post-secondary education or skills training?

How about offering solutions instead of criticism and punishment?

Nope, Ford actually voted against accepting federal money for a gang prevention program – a program that would help divert potential future gang members into legitimate jobs. I guess the best social program is jobs only if those jobs aren’t connected to any social programs?


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