The kid has started gymnastics classes again. She loved it the first time so I wasn’t worried about her loving it this time, except that lately she’s been unhappy about leaving the house at all.

No matter where I want to take her, no matter what the end goal – new craft supplies, a milkshake – she wants to stay home. Moreover, she wants to stay home with Mommy.

Every morning she asked what day it is, and I tell her, and then she asks “what’s today?” which means, basically “what are we doing today?” and I told her that she had gymnastics. It seemed to make her happy. Until we got closer to the time to get dressed and leave and she didn’t want to get dressed, and she wanted to stay home.

Finally I got her dressed and I got her into the car. She got excited as soon as we walked into the building and she saw all the fun stuff. Once we got into the class and sat down for stretching and introduction she started having difficulty.

She was two.

Angry toddler

She didn’t want to do this and she didn’t want to do that. She certainly didn’t want to do what the instructor wanted her to do. She wanted to go into different sections than where we were supposed to be. Finally I told her that she needed to listen or we would go home. That was enough.

She had a great time, she bounced everywhere, and I’m sure she’ll be excited to go back next week.

More importantly, I got out and saw during the class two other mothers dealing with their toddlers. One mother asked her daughter if she wanted to go home, and another one took her daughter into a time out.

It was awesome. I had kindred spirits, right there, while I was dealing with the issues that have been getting so hard. I almost started a group hug.

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