People are cheering because Seventeen  has declared they will stop digitally altering images of girls in their magazine. They made the decision after a petition started by a young girl and the #KeepItReal challenge.

Meanwhile, I’m sitting here wondering why they ever thought that was appropriate in the first place. Seventeen must know that their audience is young teens. (I mean, by the time you’re actually 17 you’ve moved on from Seventeen).

There is no way that before this petition, started by Julia Bluhm, that Seventeen thought their altered photos and unrealistic images were doing no harm. There is no way other magazines geared to this audience believes that either.

I’m tired of magazine being lauded for printed picture of real women with bellies or wrinkles or not make-up. Shouldn’t that be the standard instead of the exception?

My daughter is going to be tall, strong and big. She has almost zero chance of being a model because I doubt she’ll ever fit into the sample sizes. She’s going to have big feet, and thick, strong legs. She’s going to be muscular because she loves to move and climb and lift and play. Her hair will probably always be a little bit messy, she’ll probably always have at least one scrape or bruise on her body. She’ll be wearing glasses by the time she hits high school. I’m going to do everything I can to make her love herself and show her just how gorgeous she really is.


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