Moving from my role as a woman on maternity leave, to a working mother was difficult, moving from being a working mother to a work at home mom has been difficult and interesting. What strikes me is that I still have the same opinions about social issues as I had before I was a mother. In fact, those opinions are stronger than ever.

As a woman without children I felt that abortion should be accessible; that Canada’s governments need to invest more in childcare and early childhood education; that governments need to focus on the future rather than the past and the present.

The Harper government has totally failed to do that.

The prosperity gap is getting larger every year and women, especially single mothers, are falling through the cracks. There has been study after study proving that a national childcare program would benefit society as a whole, but this government still has ministers who say that having your child in daycare is having someone else raise your child, a great way to make working mothers feel even guiltier about being at work.

As though all women have the choice to work or stay home. As though if there would a national daycare program every family would be forced to put their child in daycare.

The question consistently raised: Do these women, these ‘REAL Women of Canada‘ take their children to the doctor? Because that’s paid for by taxpayers as a whole. Do they send their children to school? Because that’s paid for by taxpayers as a whole. Do they use Canadian health care? Did they go to school here?

When I was working outside the home, my husband and I paid $430 every two weeks for daycare – over $11,000 a year. And we were lucky, we got a pretty good deal and a very good care provider. How does a woman with a single income pay over $10,000 a year for daycare and still afford housing, food, transportation?

For me, the cost in sick days and vacation days was too high. My husband traveled a lot for work so I often ended up being the one to take time when she couldn’t go to daycare. Trying to make sure I had the time to take was a constant stress. I can’t imagine being totally alone.



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