Being the one she wants when she’s upset or hurt or sick

Being the one she beats up on when she upset or angry or just throwing a grande old tantrum

This I have learned over the past week. I’m the one she calls out for, I’m the one she wants to cry to, but she will also hit, kick and pinch me when she’s angry that she can’t have something she wants.

We went out to breakfast – something we often do. She wanted pancaked but we were at Cora’s so I ordered her a fruit-filled crepe. As we waited she started pushing things away from her on the table, throwing things. Then she started taking off her dress. I took her outside and sat her down to talk to her. I got down to her level and I told her that she could either sit at the table and behave herself or we would sit in the car and wait while our guests had their breakfasts.

When she started up again I took her outside again. I sat in the car with her and went through it again – she needed to behave herself or she would lose her chance to have breakfast. Calm again, we went back inside, where she say the crepe and immediately started crying and yelling because it wasn’t a pancake. I talked to her again, told her it was a pancake wrapped around fruit, and didn’t she want to at least try it. I unwrapped it and showed her that it looked like a pancake. She flipped completely out.

We went outside, I put her in her carseat and I stayed there with her. She was done.

She was not happy with this consequence. She pushed, hit, kicked, tried to get the door open, yelled and screamed, cried. I sat in the front seat, called Joe and got my bearings. I sat in the backseat and explained as calmly as I could that I had given her three chances, and that she had lost the opportunity to have her breakfast in the restaurant. There was no way I was backing down now.

And I didn’t

My mom came to relieve me so I could go in and eat – an idea that I resisted at first. I ate and paid and went back out to the car, hoping she learned a lesson about the way things are going to work between us.


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