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To the ladies at the Goulbourn Pool

June 15th, 2012 | Posted by Amy Boughner in #ToddlerLife | Parenting | Personal

I took the kid swimming and she wasn’t too happy about getting out of the pool. We got to the change room and I wrapped her in a towel, she said she was cold. When I told her it was time to get dressed she didn’t want to take off her swimsuit.

When I wrestled her out of her suit and swim diaper she started a fit. She didn’t want to get dressed, she wanted to swim, she wanted her suit. So I got myself dressed hoping she would calm down.

During this time there was one lady who was getting herself ready to go into the pool. She was an older woman, probably a mother, maybe a grandmother. She started talking to the kid. She told her that you can’t go outside without anything on, she made some jokes. She went on her way.

Soon another woman joined us in our corner of lockers. This woman talked to the kid too. What a pretty dress she had to put on, how nice it was outside, what was the matter? She was lovely. She asked me if her being there was making it worse and I told her no. She heard me tell the kid that we had to go home and see Grandma and the woman said she was a grandmother too. I told her that I had suspected that. She was great, she showed the kid her earrings that were shaped like stars and while she was there M agreed to her dress, diaper and a pair of shorts. She wished us a good day and went on her way.

Minutes later we had our shoes on and were headed out the door, the kid happy again, running and playing in the grass outside before we got in the car.

These two women made my day that much easier. I hope people like them know that they help.

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