I bought my daughter the game Hi Ho Cherry-O last week. It’s a game where you spin a wheel and you count out fruits and put them in your basket. It’s a math game, and good sportsmanship etc. It’s for 3+ and my daughter is only two and a half, but she’s been doing puzzles and games on the iPad and I thought it would be a nice thing to play together.  I now start getting angry almost as soon as the game comes out.

She looks innocent enough

She cheats. My kid cheats.

She spins the spinner until she gets what she wants, she picks more fruit that she’s supposed to even though we all count with her, and when she’s not happy with how the game is going she’s not above sabotaging it. Let me tell you, Hi-Ho Cherry-O has a lot of teeny pieces. A lot of teeny pieces that now reside under my couch.

I think she inherited the competitive gene from my father’s side. I don’t play Risk any more.


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