This is our fourth week in our new house and my second week working from home. There have been some kinks in the road, but things have been mostly smooth. At least in my recollections.

Our backyard has been revamped and now we have a garden, the boxes are now all unpacked (I think) and most of those little things that we needed here and there have been purchased.

The kid seems happy, most of the time, though she and I have been having some trouble sleeping lately, and in her night wakings she tells me what’s really upsetting her. She’s thriving, though I did less with her in my second week home than in my first, I’m sure things will change through the summer and through the year. We’ve gone swimming and there’s a park up the street, she loves running around the backyard with the dog and has become the gardener my mother never had in my sister and me.

I’ve been cooking meals, and happily so, when I have time to cook it’s something that I enjoy and the kid has been helpful as she gets older. She’s very good at mashing the bananas for my banana bread.

I do think she’s happy, and I think I am too, but at the same time there’s something a little bit off. Everything has changed all at once and I’m getting an opportunity. It’s not that I miss anything about my old life or that I regret this time I get with my daughter – it’s amazing – but there are those times when you’re just tired and in a bad mood and they want something and you just can’t handle any more right that second.

She can be easy and she can be hard, and sometimes we both have a bad day at the same time.


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