Goals and Dreams

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The Ottawa Senators are hosting their development camp this week, and it so happens that our new house is about two minutes away from the practice rink.We decided it would be a good idea to take the kid down to see the practice, since she’s inherited the hockey gene fully and completely. She was smiling […]

June 28, 2012

Lists of my lists


One of my greatest discoveries is that writing leads to more and better writing. Also, reading leads to more and better writing. This is why I am very excited that the jobs I’m doing from home involve lots of reading and writing. Also, I’ve been reading more lately just for myself – there is a […]

June 27, 2012

The Power of Creative Play

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My daughter is two and a half (or close enough, any way) and her imagination is running circles around us. She’s pretending things almost all the time, whether she’s being a puppy or one of her favourite characters. (Lately, she’s been Stella and I’ve been Sam, or she’s been Minnie and I’ve been Daisy). I’ve […]

June 25, 2012

When I’m Little


Last night the kid asked me to tell her a story about her sleeping. This was a bedtime stall tactic, but she was having a lot of issues so I went with it. I told her the story of her first night in the world and leaving the hospital and that when we got home […]

June 22, 2012

Praise Alfie

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I am an Ottawa based hockey fan that has trouble watching Senators games because I’m not great at following games on TV. I do, however, have my favourites on the team. I own a Jason Spezza jersey (I’ve been watching him since he played in Belleville) and a Matt Carkner shirt. Daniel Alfredsson has been […]

June 20, 2012

Knock Knock

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When I decided to quit my job, my husband and I made that choice because we have the opportunity right now. We can cover our bills, I can earn some money here and there and try to build a reputation. I can be at home with my little girl at this great time in her […]

June 18, 2012

Father’s Day

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When Joe and I got married. He had always known that he wanted kids and I was on the fence leaning towards no kids. I told him he shouldn’t marry me, but he did anyway. We talked about kids and I knew I wanted him to be a father. My entire pregnancy was nerve-wracking for […]

June 17, 2012

Hard week, bad day

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A day that involves me crying in a parking garage while my toddler screams at me from the backseat. Yup. It’s been a difficult week. We had a busy weekend and no real plans for the week following, so it may have been a letdown for the kid, or maybe we’re just all tired. Daily […]

June 15, 2012


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I’ve been working from home on a few different things for almost a month now. It was easy enough to adjust to no commute, to not having to rush to get dressed in the morning, to settling down to breakfast and going through my day on my laptop. It hasn’t been easy getting through every […]

June 14, 2012