We are now pretty well settled in our new house. There are some things I know aren’t going to work long term (really need to figure out a better way to organize the kitchen cabinets), but I’m very happy. It’s open and sunny and the kid and the dog love running around the backyard together.

I thought everything was good and I thought we’d done a good job of moving the kid in. We told her about the upcoming move and explained what the boxes were, we told her Grandma was coming to live with us, we brought her out to see the new house while it was still empty. I made a point of getting her room finished first – I painted it before the move happened and I unpacked all of her things first so her furniture, clothes, books and toys were all in place her first night.

It seemed as though it had all worked, she seemed happy, but lately she’s been saying things that are bothering me a bit. At bedtime one night, and again today, she told me she doesn’t want to go back to Grandma’s house, she wants to go to her “favourite” house. She gets quite upset talking about it while I try to explain that this is our house, our home. A couple of times at bedtime she’s started yelling at me that she doesn’t want her yellow room, she wants a blue room. We had picked out the paint together and I double checked with her daily for nearly a week before we actually bought the paint. Today in the car, while she was screaming and crying about not liking the new house I realized – her old room was blue.

She only seems to bring up these issues when she’s already fighting me on something or having a tantrum and I don’t know how upset she really feels, but now it’s starting to really worry me and I don’t know what to do about it.

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