I have a life list. It’s meant to be 100 things but I still have seven or eight open spots. I don’t remember exactly when I started writing it, but I’ve got it in a notebook that is someone in a box at the moment.

I have been very lucky to be able to cross several things off that list, and I will freely admit that some things were added after I had done them and realized that I had always wanted to do that. (For instance, the summer that I lived in Montreal).

When Joe proposed he actually made a point of crossing something off my life list (he took me to stay for a night at the Chateau Laurier).

One thing that is very early in my life list is a very simple thing: Own a house with a big bathtub.

I love taking baths. I find it relaxing and it’s one of the places where I just sit back and read and let things go. Sometimes a shower is great, but sometimes a bath is just what you need. (One of my biggest frustrations when I was pregnant was that I wanted to be able to take a nice bath, but I couldn’t lie down in the bath because my front was too heavy and I needed help getting out of the tub).

But our new house?

I love a lot of things about this house – lots of room, beautiful hardwood floors, an open kitchen, a backyard big enough for the kid and the dog to play in – but the master bath? It’s awesome. There is a separate bath and shower which allows for a window over the bathtub. The bathtub, which is gloriously large.

A small bathtub means that you’re never fully covered with the water and in the winter a part of you will always be cold, which ruins the effect of the bath. This bathtube I can sink right into with the sun shining through the blind. It’s marvellous.

Another wonderful thing is that my daughter has her own bathroom (shared with the guest room), which means she has her own tub. And that means that all of her bath toys and her bubble bath and shampoo, and the non-slip mat we put in the tub for her and entirely separate from my bathroom.


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