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May 17th, 2012 | Posted by Amy Boughner in Canadiana | Personal

My dear home city of Ottawa.

I have been feeling very good feelings about you lately Ottawa.

Walking to my office building from the parking lot next to the Supreme Court, seeing the Peace tower up above the river. It has felt very special to be working here for the past four years. It is a special thing.

Growing up here was pretty special too. I was probably a teenager before I realized that not every kid has access to all of these museums and festivals. I am very glad we’ve now made a decision and bought a house and my daughter will grow up in Ottawa too. Her childhood will be different – I lived almost downtown, walking distance from my school, a pool, arena and park.  Things for her will be a little more spread out, but she’ll still have access.

I loved growing up here. I love the fall, I loved playing in the snow. I loved being around the politics and the culture. I have always come back to this city no matter how many times I try to leave.

Ottawa is my home and it is beautiful.

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