Today is my third-last day at work. It’s caucus day, one of the stranger days of the parliamentary week.

Three days, including today, and then I will be off to my new adventures – many of which will be had with a little girl full of imagination.

I get to be a mom. I get to get down and play with her and explore with her and experience things with her. Something I have missed since my maternity leave ended. I can take her places and do classes with her and watch her learn and grow and explore.

I get to take care of myself and my family like I haven’t been able to since I came back to work. I will have time to cook and the kid will be able to help me. I’ll have time to clean the house and make sure it stays organized.

I also get to pick and choose what kind of work I do. I’ve got a couple of things I know I’ll be doing, a couple of projects of my own, and a couple of leads for other things. Now I just have to organize my time.

One of my favourite times with the kid is the mornings. We lie in bed together while I look through emails, we sit at the table and share breakfast and I can work on my laptop. It’s a peaceful time to work and share a moment.

In the afternoons we can work at our desks, side by side, her with her crayons and me with my pen and paper, my laptop, all the things I’ll have to read and study.

I will have the bit of peace that I have been needing for so long. Every day will not be easy, every moment will not be perfect, but it will all be pretty damn good.

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