My first priority when we got possession of the new house was to make sure the kid’s room was settled for her. We got it painted before the movers came and I unpacked her clothes and books first thing. She shares a bathroom with our guest room so that’s all decorated for her too.

This weekend we hung her pictured on the walls (including this, which I bought to hang in her bathroom because it’s just so her).

She’s doing well. She loves having Grandma around, she loves her backyard as much as the dog does. We put her through a lot of changes all at once and she’s going with the flow.

While the movers were still moving us, I also managed to unpack and put away my clothes, some of our books, and the kitchen was unpacked by the next morning (except for one box we couldn’t find until this weekend).

The living room and dining room are set, the guest room is good, and finally yesterday the last piece of my puzzle was put together. My desk is ready for me.

Sure there are still boxes to unpack and we have one bookshelf that doesn’t have a spot yet, but my desk is ready. Before the move I got rid of a Ikea desk that I’ve had since high school. It was a good desk, but it wasn’t serving it’s purpose any more. Now I’m equipped with a desk that has a long tabletop, since I’ve realized that I prefer to spread out length-ways. I can have my laptop, my notebook, papers, my water or coffee, a nice table lamp.

Next to my desk in the part of our basement set aside for office space is another old desk of mine – the one my grandfather built to my specifications before I had any need for a computer. That desk will be set up with paper and crayons, maybe some stickers and gradually other crafty things so while I work my daughter can sit next to me and do her own thing.

I’m going to put a bulletin board and a magnetic board above my desk to keep things easily at hand. Just thinking about my workspace I’m already excited to put it to good use.

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