Today is our last day in the house we brought the baby girl home to. Where she learned to roll and crawl and walk. Where we spent her first year together, learning about each other.

This house has been a very good house. We all fit nicely with room to move and play. It has it’s difficulties – Joe and I could never both be working in the kitchen without risking injury – but it has been our home comfortably for almost three years.

And now we move on. Further away from downtown and the neighbourhood where I grew up happily, into a neighbourhood where we’ve already met three of our neighbours – people who just happened to stop by and say welcome.

There are dogs and cats and young families all over this neighbourhood. There is a backyard big enough for the dog to run around, the kid to play and Joe to barbecue all together. There is a kitchen where we can all work together. Room for me, my husband, my daughter, my dog and my mother to live comfortably and have our own spaces. Room to grow.

Moving into this new house that already feels like home benefits all of us and I look forward to learning this house over the next decades. Everything is coming together.

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