Today I paint.

We got possession of the house on Tuesday and we’ve moved a few things over since then and we’ll do a bit more today. I will paint the kid’s room so it’s ready for her and accept a delivery of some furniture.

Yesterday my mother and grandfather arrived on our doorstep around 5 pm and we took them out to see the place. (Luckily my mom liked it – since she’ll be living there). My Mom and Joe immediately started analyzing backyard possibilities.

Monday the movers come and Tuesday is shopping trips for all the little things we need to add (shower curtains, a toilet paper holder in one of the bathrooms, a new desk for me).

Right now the kid loves running around the house in the big empty rooms and she very much loves the backyard. I’m hoping she’ll love it just as much when there’s furniture in those empty rooms.

She’s already talked to Grandma about gardening and she’s very excited about the bird feeder we got.

I’m excited about my new desk and organizing my work space. (And the lovely big bathtub in the en suite).

One of the best things about the new house is that the neighbourhood feels like a neighbourhood. I grew up in a neighbourhood. Kids my age all around, we walked to school, we played in the nearby parks and dead ends, there were few people in the neighbourhood that I didn’t know or at least recognize.

This house is in a new area that’s still being built, but we’re surrounded by young families, there are kids next door and across the street and down the block. When we went to visit the day of the closing two people welcomed us in the twenty minutes we were outside. We already know the name of our back neighbour.

It’s going to be good there, we just have to get the move done.

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