We are now pretty well settled in our new house. There are some things I know aren’t going to work long term (really need to figure out a better way to organize the kitchen cabinets), but I’m very happy. It’s open and sunny and the kid and the dog love running around the backyard together. […]

May 31, 2012

Female Phenomenon


On the line of changing my life, as I posted not too long ago. And I’m just trying, pushing myself a bit. Now in week two of being a work at home mom, three contracts on the go, plus my own little project that I’m trying to build on the side (Absolute Equality – more […]

May 30, 2012

We had a good morning

#ToddlerLife, Parenting

We got our errands done and we went to visit Gramps and she was a good girl the whole way through. I didn’t even have a fight to get her dressed once I pulled out that purple and blue dress. We got home and she helped Grandma plant some flowers. She listened and followed the […]

May 29, 2012

Like a weed

#ToddlerLife, Parenting

We’ve been re-doing the backyard all weekend (and when I say we, I mostly mean Joe). Pulling out weeds, moving rocks, pulling out eight dead cedar trees, filling in dirt and getting ready for the garden we promised the kid she would have. The grass is dead in parts and Joe has had to mow […]

May 28, 2012

On the journey

Canadiana, Issues, Personal

Now that I’m a WAHM, I am pleased to announce that I will be writing about Canadian politics and other current events at Care2.com. My first two posts are up today: What went wrong in Etobicoke Centre? Tory MP steps out of bounds, quickly reined in

May 26, 2012

Picking fights

#ToddlerLife, Parenting

When we were having some issues with the kid – two hour long bedtimes, mainly – we saw a pediatrician and his best advice was to pick your fights. Some things just aren’t as important to you as a parent as other things and you can let some stress go by letting the kid have […]

May 24, 2012



I have a 2 year old. We say no to each other a lot. A lot. She says no to me when I ask her to do something, eat something, go somewhere, get something, clean something up… I say no to her when she throws things, grabs things, pushes people, does something that’s not safe, […]

May 22, 2012



I have a life list. It’s meant to be 100 things but I still have seven or eight open spots. I don’t remember exactly when I started writing it, but I’ve got it in a notebook that is someone in a box at the moment. I have been very lucky to be able to cross […]

May 21, 2012

It’s been a good ol’ time

Canadiana, Personal

Two elections, two national conventions, one leadership convention, thousands upon thousands of news stories read, hundreds of Question Periods, inside jokes, fantastic colleagues, four years of being proud of the work I was supporting.   And I’m done.

May 18, 2012


Canadiana, Personal

My dear home city of Ottawa. I have been feeling very good feelings about you lately Ottawa. Walking to my office building from the parking lot next to the Supreme Court, seeing the Peace tower up above the river. It has felt very special to be working here for the past four years. It is […]

May 17, 2012