I love eating out at restaurants. It’s something we do too much of, and I’m looking forward to having real time to cook at home once I work from the house). But because we eat out a lot I have noticed things that some servers do that drive me crazy as a parent that I probably never would have thought of before.

You can always tell when the servers have kids or are experienced in dealing with them, because those are the ones that move the cutlery as they bring you to the table. Those are the ones that place the kid’s meal in front of the one of the adults because the plate is hot and the food needs to be cut up.

My kingdom for a bendy straw

Things servers who are not experienced with children have done recently that drove me a bit crazy:

  1. Thank you for the coffee refill, but can you please move the pot so my kid can’t reach it if she decided to try and grab it.
  2. Please don’t list the drink options – as parents we know that she can get pop or juice or chocolate milk, but we also know she’s not allowed to have those things and we already know that we will be ordering water.
  3. Please don’t talk directly to the child and ask her if she wants dessert and start listing her options. We’ve read the kids’ menu, we know she gets dessert, but we don’t want it.
  4. Restaurants, I firmly believe that if you have a kids’ menu, if you have high chairs and crayons, then you should have kid friendly cups. We went out to breakfast this weekend and the server brought my two year old a water glass that was about 10 inches tall. Big glasses = spills, which is a pain for you and us. Have plastic cups, have bendy straws, have lids. Please.  

Be aware, my dear restaurant friends, that parents talk to each other, and complain to each other, and share experiences good and bad. We talk about kids’ menus, we talk about how we’re treated. We choose how to tip based on whether our child gets scalded because of your carelessness. Be aware.

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