We’re at that point in our move where there’s really nothing we can do right now. All the things that are left to pack are things we will need in the next two weeks. All the things we’re getting rid of have either been dropped off for donation or are posted online for sale. The movers are booked.

The little things left to buy – paint, shower curtains, and my big grocery trip to full our new pantry – will come this weekend or next week.

Next week we will have the keys and we can take stuff over in the evenings, but right now we’re just here, stuck.

This is the part where I start focusing on the minute details and driving Joe crazy. I’m thinking about layout and decor that can’t really be decided until we get in and see the house empty. I’m thinking about the small touches that will need to wait until the bigger stuff is taken care of.

Today I’m home sick with the kid, Joe is away on business, and I’m surfing to see if I can find a nice mirror and shelf for the entry way. I’m thinking about the new desk that I’m going to buy that will help me on my new adventure (longer rather than wide because that’s how I tend to spread out).

I’m trying to figure out when I’ll buy the painting supplies and how we’ll fit all the final details of the move into next weekend with the wedding we’re going to (congratulations Jesse and Alison).

The next two weeks are going to be very busy and exciting and I feel like a real grown-up with a house and a kid and good quality couches that aren’t from Ikea.

It’s going to be fun.

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