I have spent that last two mornings fighting with my daughter. The problems start when I attempt to take off her overnight diaper. She doesn’t want that. She doesn’t want a new diaper, she doesn’t want to get dress – moreover she doesn’t like that dress or those pants or that shirt.

God help you if you suggest socks.

It used to be that if you told her she was going to daycare (yay daycare!) or if you told her Daddy would take her out to breakfast (yay breakfast!) we could get her out the door. These past two days? Not so much.

She’s grumpy, she cries, she kicks and throws things.

We give her options – used to work, doesn’t now. We ask her if she wants Mommy or Daddy’s help – used to work, doesn’t now.

We give her time outs for all the things she knows she’s not supposed to do.

For two days it has taken up to 30 minutes for us to convince our child that she can’t leave the house without clothes. It takes so long that it makes it almost impossible to take a step back and breathe before starting again because I have to get to work.

This is two like I’ve not seen it before.

It’s a good thing she’s cute.

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