Hey Amy,

I pretty sure you’re making some bad decisions. You’re not exercising and you know your diet leaves a lot to be desired. You’re very¬†focused on all these exciting ideas and you’re happy about them and moving forward to get things done, but you can’t let your health slip.

If you die, you’re not going to be able to enjoy this time with your daughter and you’re not going to be able to build this website or see your children’s books published. You know this.

You’ve been through all this before. Your hormones are wacky and there are things you have to avoid, there are diseases that you’re genetically predisposed to, and you make it worse if you’re fat. Moreover you know that once you let yourself get fatter, it’s that much harder to lose the weight.

You know you’re out of control and you’re letting yourself get away with things and you have to stop. Too much chocolate, too much sugar, too much eating out and making excuses. You’re not getting enough sleep, you’re not drinking enough water and you’re not exercising at all.

You know that exercising makes you feel good.

Your mood is good, you’re happy and¬† moving forward, but we have to make sure that when you get to where you’re going you have the energy to do all the things you’re so looking forward to.

Amy, we need you to take better care of yourself and think about the consequences you may be facing.

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