Seven years ago now I walked into the students newspaper office at Carleton for a job interview. I was looking for the editor, mispronounced his name, and sat down to wait for him.

I was a big surprise when a big guy with blue hair and cords walked into the office and introduced himself to me. I think it was the next afternoon that he called to offer me the job.

By the time we started dating at the end of that school year the blue hair was gone.

We had become friends over the course of the few months we’d been working together and it started to feel like maybe their was something more.

We kissed for the first time on March 27, 2005. We moved in together that September, in December we got a dog. In July of 2006 we got engaged and our wedding was in October of 2007.

It was all ridiculously quick and I would have judged if it had been someone else, but when it works it works.

It doesn’t seem as though it’s been seven years. I doesn’t seem possible that we’ve been parents for two.

We’ve been through a lot, my Joe and me. We made a family.

Now we’re moving together into more excited and challenging times and we’re doing it together because that’s how we naturally are. We’re meant to be.

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