After thinking about it and weighing it for a long time, I have handed in my notice at work. I’ve been stressed out, unhealthy and often angry for a while now and after talking about it with Joe, we made the decision together.

I get to stay home and take care of my daughter, my home and my family.

I will be doing some work, finding contracts, bringing in a bit of income, working on my own projects – I think I would go a bit crazy if I didn’t.

But I have a wonderful opportunity at the moment and I am embracing it – and I love my husband all the more for not only letting me make this decision but suggesting it.

My greatest fear is that I am disappointing all of the people who have helped me along in my career. I’ve had wonderful managers and mentors, fantastic coworkers, and they have all helped me build my confidence and my skills. I am an entirely different person now than I was when I accepted this job in January of 2008. I fell into this job, whether by luck or by fate, and it has been the experience of a lifetime.

I am ready for a change, but I fear those who will think I am giving up myself to become “just” a mom. My daughter is my greatest accomplishment. She is joy and laughter and imagination and curiosity. She is the bright future.

I worked for Jack Layton and in 2011, on the day the writ dropped, he talked to his staff about the next generation, how being a grandfather had instilled a new drive in him – there are things we have to make better for them.

My daughter is that next generation – Faith, hope and optimism.

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