Yesterday we took a trip to the Experimental Farm here in Ottawa. It’s a place that I remember going with my mother and grandparents and on school trips. I love seeing all the animals, especially the baby pigs. We’ve taken the kid two or three times in the past, but I knew from my friends that this was the time to see the baby animals.

Cow says Moo

We set out in our raincoats and walked around the farm, seeing horses, cows, pigs, chickens, and then we went into the part of the barns where they keep the sheep and the goats. There we met a baby sheep, born that very morning. We also got to see calves and sheep born a few days before.

I couldn’t help but remember being that new a mother. How uncomfortable and scared and unsure I was. How somehow I have made it from there to here with a beautiful, smart and curious child who challenges and surprises┬áme every day.

Now I let her run ahead of me as long as I can keep her in sight. We rarely use the stroller though I remember when it was so difficult to be without it. She can put on her own boots and coat but she needs help with the buttons. She can eat by herself and drink out of cups, even though she sometimes spills.

She can sing her ABCs and now she makes up her own songs. She can count to twelve. She talks in sentences when she has something to say, but she’ll still hide behind me being shy other times.

On Saturday I took her to the Capital Parents show and we got to see Little Ray. She didn’t flinch when he brought out the snakes, the tarantula, the alligator. She laughed at the lizard and the tiger. She wanted to take a closer look at the hawk. I tried my best to be perfectly calm in the face of the gigantic python (!) so that she doesn’t inherit my baseless fears.

I’ve been very busy at work the past two weeks, so this weekend was a good time for us. I got to hold her and bathe her and talk to her about all the things we saw together. She’s a little girl now, even though it seems like yesterday she was little enough to rock to sleep in my arms. Now there are arms and feet all over the place.

She still gets a lovely little smile on her face when we lie together and cuddle.

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