I became a hockey fan fairly late in my life (for a Canadian girl). I was 14 when I got really into the sport as a fan, and I almost immediately chose Theo Fleury as may favourite player. He was little and tough and he seemed to me like the definition of a great Canadian hockey player – even missing his front teeth.

I even named my hamster Theo.

I remember when Sheldon Kennedy revealed that he had been a victim of sexual abuse when he played for Graham James. A few years ago Theo came out and said that he too had been a victim. I bought his book about that part of his life but I can’t bring myself to read it.

Yesterday, for the second time, Graham James was sentence for his crimes. Two years.

Two years.

I have a two year old. I love her more than life itself. Two years in prison for ripping apart the life of a child is nowhere near enough.

One of James’ victims, Greg Gilhooly, stood in front of the media after the sentencing and said that he and Sheldon Kennedy have both been in therapy longer than Graham James has been in prison for his crimes and to consider that he could possible have been rehabilitated in that time is totally ridiculous.

Two years. One for each of the victims he was on trial for abusing. He abused these boys for longer than two a year each.

We’re asking people to come forward, to face the darkness in their lives, to put themselves on display, and watch as their rapist gets a slap on the wrist. Why would you bother?

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