We bought a house. We close May 1. It was a bit unexpected, and sooner than we thought, but we found a house that suited our needs and my mother helped us buy it since she will be moving in with us. We signed the mortgage papers less than a week after seeing the house for the first time. Neither of us has had a second thought or regret.

Isn't it wonderful?

I have great fondness for the rental we are leaving. It’s been perfect for us in many ways, it’s the house we brought the baby home to, we’ve welcome many friends there, but we are upgraded in a few ways we thought were important.

We will have a backyard with a full fence so that the dog won’t have to wear a leash when he goes out. We will no longer be sharing a wall with our neighbour – the first time I will have lived in a standalone house since I was 12. Oh, how I have missed that. The kid will have her own bathroom (well, it will be shared with the guest room). More importantly the en suite bathroom has a gloriously large bathtub. I love taking baths. I am so very much looking forward to stretching out in the bath.

And one thing that I have never been able to do: Decorate my own house. Most importantly, decorate the kid’s room for her.

When I was a kid I always had a say in the way my room was decorated. I got to pick paint colours and wallpaper and one year for my birthday I got to pick out wall to wall carpeting for my room. I loved that carpet, the colour was called raspberry.

My kid is currently living in a room with plain walls and plain carpet and some pictures we’ve put up on the wall, but this new house, this new room, we get to make it personal. We’re going to pick out paint colours – when I asked her what colour she wanted her room she said pink, purple, orange and green. Where going to put pictures up on the walls and maybe have a mural done, though her interests vary so widely it might get a little muddled (dancing princesses playing hockey with animals?). We’re going to switch her into a twin bed and I can buy her fun sheets. We can pick out a funky shower curtain for her and her own bath accessories.

I’m excited about buying some new furniture that hasn’t been handed down to us, I’m excited about making choices and not being held back by a rental agreement, I’m excited about making a home for ourselves, but I’m most excited about the kid having a real room that’s all hers.

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