This morning Jason Mraz was on Canada AM. I took the opportunity to watch while I worked away. I’m a fan of his music, and particularly his lyrics. I walked down the aisle to I’m Yours – in 2007, before it was what everyone was doing.

While I listened to him sing a song that still represents so much to me, it dawned on my how happy I am. Just happy.

We have a wonderful family. I have a great husband and a truly awesome kid. My family is being incredibly supportive and helping us get a house that is perfect for us, my mother will be moving in with us and helping to reduce my stress levels just by being there. My grandfather is moving back to Ottawa – mostly because he is enchanted by his great-granddaughter, I think. He will be here, and she’ll know him and that is more that I had dreamed.

I have a good job. We are safe. We can feed ourselves and clothe ourselves and we take care of each other. The future looks bright to me today.

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