The title for this post comes from the Oscar nominated song from The Muppets – an excellent film which brought back wonderful childhood memories as well as giving my daughter great joy (and she now demands to “Dance Chickens!”).

The post I’m thinking of has little or nothing do with said film. I’m thinking a lot about my ‘brand,’ brand sort of rhymes with man, the brain does what it does. I digress…

I love blogging. I love my blog. I love reading other blogs and talking to other bloggers. I am enamoured by the craft and the community and the people I have met through this space. Many times I have tried to figure out just what this blog is – is it my journal to capture memories and share stories and connect with others through our shared experiences or is it my brand that I want to build.

Branding is the in thing. The last season of America’s Next Top Model was all about being a brand, associating yourself with a word, a distinct personality.

I don’t know how to be a brand. I don’t know how to be anything but what I am minute to minute. I don’t know how to maintain a persona or stick to one theme. I just don’t know. Moreover, I don’t know if I would want to. There are so many things that race through my head on any given day, so many things that seem important, so many things that it helps to write them down. So I do, and most of that I do here.

So, am I a brand? Do I want to be? Am I sellable?

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