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February 3rd, 2012 | Posted by Amy Boughner in Personal

It’s funny how easily embarrassed I used to get. At least, it’s funny when I think of it now. I used to be aware of everyone around me, I was always sure that someone was watching me and judging me, because of what I was wearing or how I looked or because I was doing something stupid or wrong.

I got over it a bit when I got older and went away to school. I wasn’t afraid of being the girl who raised her hand in class any more. I was smart and wanted to get smarter so I had to ask and answer questions.

I got even more comfortable when Joe and I got together. It’s easier to be myself when he’s around because I know that one person in the room at least has my back.

And then we had a kid.

Today I took her grocery shopping and we were laughing and singing and I realized that I really didn’t care what anyone around us was thinking.

Because we’re awesome.

When I ask my kid what the baby on the bus says and she says “wah wah wah” that’s awesome. And when she asks me what the driver on the bus says and laughs when I reply “move on back” that’s awesome.

People may look at me thinking I’m goofy, but that’s okay because I am. We’re goofy together.

Last weekend Joe reminded me that I’d told him once that I loved it that he would do anything, anywhere to make her laugh, making a fool out of himself. And then he pointed out that I was dancing at the table to make her laugh.

And it was awesome.

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