We are now the proud parents of a two year old. She is absolutely wonderful in so many ways and I think we both love her more than we ever knew was possible. She entertains us and gives great hugs and she tells great stories and laughs and laughs.

But holy hell.

Right now we are in the “No” stage I have heard so much about. She doesn’t want to do anything the first time you ask. I have no idea where she learned that the secret to tantrums was to lie down on the floor and thrash, but she does that too.

The biggest issue for both of us right now is the constant need for Mommy. She always wants me with her. She wants me not Daddy to take her down for breakfast, she wants to come to work with me or stay home with me instead of going to daycare.

Not only is it hard on me to listen to her cry when I tell her I have to go to work by myself and she had to go to daycare, it’s also difficult for Joe who is the Daddy that is never Mommy. She’s upset when he opens her bedroom door in the morning because she’s been calling out for me.

It’s nice to be wanted, sure, but it’s really hard to be constantly wanted.


Sometimes I think it’d be easier if she was always pissed at me. But the weird/hard part is she freaks out when I get her from her room in the morning but is usually calm and loving by the time we get downstairs. One day this weekend she actually kicked and thrashed as I carried her down the stairs so I plopped her down in the living room and walked into the kitchen to make the coffee. Before I had the pot out of the coffee maker she was in giving me a hug saying “Hi daddy!”

I guess it’s like everything else when it comes to toddlers, wait an hour and she’ll be a different kid. Two weeks ago at skating she refused to even try to stand up, last week she was making her way around only needing me to hold one of her hands.

When I’m thinking rationally, I know we’ll get through. But in the midst of a meltdown it’s hard to be rational. She’s certainly not.

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