My kid is an active kid.

Before she was born she spent most of her time kicking me and moving around in my belly. She used to kick the microphone that the midwife used to listen to her heartbeat.

She started crawling early and started walking early and she never seems to stop moving. She loves to dance and run and bounce and flail. It’s tiring just watching her sometimes.

And so, this winter, we decided to enroll her in two classes. She’s done gymnastics in the past, and taken two swimming classes, but this winter she’s doing skating and indoor soccer.

She had her first soccer lesson last Saturday and we were a little worried because she had her birthday party that morning and we didn’t know if she’d be alright doing both, but when we got to the gym she was raring to go.

I have never witnessed such patience as the two instructors demonstrated with the gathered 2 year olds. Have you ever thought what it would be like to try and get ten 2 year olds to act in an organized manner while running around a gym with soccer balls?

It was hilarious.

My kid? She ran around, chased the ball, the whole time she had a big smile on her face. It was awesome. I think we’re really going to like soccer.

Next up, dance classes.

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