My Mom came to Ottawa for the kid’s second birthday. It had been a while since she had visited – We last saw each other in August.

We try to keep up with lots of phone calls and video chats, but nothing is the same as getting hugs in real life.

What was pretty amazing, what my Mom couldn’t believe, was how much watching the kid, her facial expressions, her bustling activity, was like seeing me when I was two years old.

The Kid












My mother was astonished. We look alike, we sound alike. She couldn’t believe it. It was pretty cool. And Mom just kept laughing. The kid did everything in her power to delight her grandmother. Through some very busy days – running around all day Friday, birthday party on Saturday, then soccer lessons, breakfast out with friends and skating lessons on Sunday.

Today we had one last day with my mother before she flew home, and I think we made the most of it. Grandma helped Maggie with her puzzle, we did some painting, we played and played, she even read us some stories. We stayed in the house and did what we felt like and it was everything it needed to be.

Tomorrow the kid will probably be looking for Grandma, and I’ll wonder when the next visit will be – too far away.

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