I’ve set out my goals for this year, and my three words, but I’ve been thinking a lot about what I can do to make these things happen. The first week of the year was not that great: Some days I ate too much, often I couldn’t figure out what to eat, didn’t exercise, had to stay home from work one day because of a migraine – something I’ve not really had to deal with in the past – a headache that I can still feel today.

The good:

I had half a medium Coke one day this week and haven’t had any more (headache?), I was mindlessly eating M&Ms because I had decided I needed some chocolate in my system, realized quickly that I wasn’t enjoying them and threw the rest of the bag out.

Yesterday I got back on the treadmill. I know that part of the reason I’ve been so exhausted, and that I’m so cold all the time, is that I’m not getting the exercise I need and the exercise I was getting. Everything seems to tire me out and I have that terrible feeling of not being fit enough to do basic things with my daughter. So yesterday I got on the treadmill for 15 minutes, and then later I got back on and did another 25.

January is going to be hard. Every week of this month is going to be a little bit different and we’re going to have to plan ahead every step of the way to make sure our money stretches, the kid is taken care of and we get to spend time with all the visitors we will have. Next week alone Joe is going away for work, my mother is arriving, the kid’s birthday is on Friday so I’m taking two days off work. Yesterday I actually had to write it all down.

But what’s going to be great about January? The kid gets to see all her grandparents, she gets to have an awesome birthday party with a cake made by the wonderful and talented Cara (who can illustrate and cook and bake, and is also extremely nice), and she also starts skating and soccer lessons, which will take up a lot of her extra energy and will be great fun for her.

January is also slow for me at work, giving me time to get things organized and figuring out some of the more complicated things so that we’re ready when things get hectic again.

This year I will try and focus on the great, on my marriage and every moment I get to spend with this wonderful creature that is my daughter.

This year I will pay attention to Gail Vaz-Oxlade and common sense. I know what we have to do, I know what we’re doing wrong and that we have to get smarter and stop making excuses. We’re working towards no debt and we can get there faster if we pay attention.

I have my mind set to end this year lighter – in a lot of ways – and happier, and more the person I want to be, I will be closer to the goals I have set for myself and my life, and I will be content.


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