As much as I’m happy to see the end of 2011 and I’ll remind this year that it doesn’t need to feel the need to stay in touch, we sure did see a lot of changes in you this year, kiddo.

I find it hard to even look at pictures of you from last Christmas because it doesn’t look like you. We started this year with me going back to work and you starting daycare. You didn’t get your transition week since we were both sick but you didn’t seem to mind at all. You excelled.

I wasn’t sure whether or not to be worried about your language skills but it didn’t take long to realize that you were just fine in that regard. You talk all the time now, though you’ve started being shy in front of strangers, which is still strange for me since you were always so outgoing and friendly before a couple of months ago . Daddy and I started keeping a list of your words many months ago but we stopped keeping track because we couldn’t keep up.

Your hair has grown more than I realize and you’ve had three or four haircuts this year. You’ve also let me put your hair up in pigtails and ponytails and with barrettes. You look so grown up, I can’t believe you’re not even two quite yet.

You’re hilarious kid, you love to dance and you run around giggling. You’re always on the go and you never nap any more, even though you need it sometimes.

You’re so smart. You amaze us all the time. You sing songs to yourself. You can sing the alphabet and twinkle twinkle, and sometimes you say goodnight to us and sing SnugglePuppy the way Daddy does for you. You can count to ten, though sometimes you skip five. You love to colour with your crayons, you love to climb on the structure Daddy bought for you and you love to run around outside. You love to paint, even though I don’t let you do it too often because we don’t always have time.

You’re very polite, you sometimes forget your pleases, but you say thank you and excuse me when you’re trying to get past someone.

You’re good at getting your shoes or boots on by yourself, and you can undress yourself, but you still have trouble getting dressed without asking for help. Something tells me it won’t be too long before you figure that all out.

You do so well with a spoon and a fork but cups still get spilled more often than not.

In 2012 we’ll see you grown even more. You start skating lessons and indoor soccer soon after the New Year. It won’t take long before you can skate circles around me. Your sentences will get longer and longer and you’ll figure out all those things that are just a little bit beyond your reach. I’m going to keep pushing you just a little bit further as long as you don’t seem to mind. As long as you keep giving the world’s best hugs and the sweetest ‘I love you.’

Daddy and I, we’re figuring you out, and you keep changing on us, but we’re sure doing something right.

I still call you Baby Girl, even if it doesn't suit you any more.

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