Today is Christmas Eve, tomorrow we expect some great excitement as the kid experience her second Christmas – the first at home with a big tree downstairs and all sorts of presents for her. Last night I finished knitting her a stocking – something personal for her that I’m hoping she’ll use for years to come and we’ve got plenty to fill it with this year.

Tonight we’ll have Chinese food for dinner – something my family has been doing for years. In fact, one of the years I worked retail I remember working Christmas Eve, closing the store at 4, walking home in a light snow, knowing that there was a delicious meal from my favourite restaurant waiting with my family at home, and it’s one of my delightful memories.

We’ve been putting ornaments on the advent calendar my mother made every day of the month, I made the Christmas fudge that I love, and Maggie’s Christmas pajamas – a gift from Auntie Jen – are ready for her for tonight.

Tomorrow we will open presents and have coffee and breakfast together, I’ll start cooking the turkey and my sister will come over to join us. We’ll have a nice Christmas dinner, and read the kid some of her new books before bed, and things will shine brightly.

Last night I lay in bed and I couldn’t wrap my head around the time that’s gone by. It seems as though Joe and are are still just starting our lives together, almost like we’ve just met, but here we are, married for four years, with a not-quite two year old.

We’ve known each other for seven years, which seems like forever and not very long at all, and here we are with a wonderfully perfect family, and it’s Christmas Eve.

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