There have been a lot of things irking me lately. Small things and bigger things that build up all together and make me somewhat disgruntled.

I thought of writing a post about the fact that a few moms of older kids mentioned in passing that their kids are banned from the playstructures at recess during the winter – which I think is as totally ridiculous as the ball ban at the school in Toronto.

I thought of writing a post about the fact that our government is making up their own rules as they go along and they don’t care what anyone else thinks – and they get away with it because no one really seems to care.

And then you hear stories about a woman in Afghanistan who was jailed for infidelity after being raped and even though she’s now been pardoned she may be forced to marry her attacker because she gave birth to his child, and you read about toddlers sleeping in tents in -20 degree weather because government have been fighting over who should take responsibility, and nothing you do day to day seems to matter any more.

But there’s also the overwhelming feeling that we can’t give up, something needs to be done, we just need to figure out where to start. Changing the world surely must have some sort of starting point.

So, where do we start?

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