I was going to take part in the Kids in the Capital Craft Carnival, but we have Christmas crafts so I thought I would wait for December, then I saw Lara‘s post this morning – not only is it a Christmas craft, it’s not unlike my favourite crafts we’ve done this year.

And my craft was also inspired by Pinterest – it’s a great place to get ideas for just about anything.

The craft is a hand-print wreath – and the original pin I was inspired by is here.

Now, my kid is still pretty little, so it took a little convincing to get her to put her hand on the paper so I could trace it, but once we started she wanted to get her other hand traced, and then the first hand again. Then she watched me trace my hand, (if she were older she would be able to do that part for me). Then we asked Daddy for his hand.

We painted out traced out hands green and I cut them out, since she’s not quite 2 and scissors are new to her. (Again, if she were older, something she would have done for me).

I did a freehand bow, taped our hands together and got this:

I’m thinking that we can add more of the kid’s hand-prints for the next few years and see how she grows.

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