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Prompt: 1 is the loneliest number

November 30th, 2011 | Posted by Amy Boughner in Personal

November 24: Do you enjoy being alone? Would you rather be around other people?

I love being alone. I get irritable when I don’t have enough time alone.

I’ve always been this way. It’s never bothered me to have to entertain myself. I’ve eaten alone in restaurants and going to see movies alone is one of my favourite things. In fact, a lack of alone time was one of the things that scared me about being a parent. It was easy enough when she was teeny and I could lie her in her crib or in the playard when she was asleep and do my own thing, but as she’s grown it’s gotten harder and harder because she wants things all the time. She wants me to play with her and dance with her and pick her up and cuddle her and sometimes it’s absolutely wonderful, but by the end of the day I want some quiet time alone with no one touching me or asking for attention.

I will never be alone in quite the same way again, I don’t think, but I still enjoy the time I get. Taking a nice bath, reading a book, watching something terrible on TV. And sometimes Joe and I are even alone together.

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