For November 25: Do you like to buy presents ahead of time or right when you need to give them?

I am very bad at keeping surprises a surprise and secrets a secret. Very bad.

I am amazed that I currently have presents wrapped in the storage room and I haven’t spoiled any of them. Sometimes when I get a really good idea for a gift I find it hard to contain myself.

(Of course, this also extends to me wanting gifts being given to me right away).

Now that I’m a mom I think the design to see an immediate reaction extends to wanting to watch my daughter on Christmas morning. We get to surprise her with our gifts, and we get to see what her grandparents and aunts and uncles are sending for her. We get to sit around in our pajamas with the tree lights on, drinking our coffee, calling the grandparents and being a family.

That morning will be something very special and I can stand to hold on to my gifts a little longer to make that happen.

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