When I was 8 years old the House of Commons unanimously adopted a motion to eliminate child poverty by the year 2000 – the year I was to graduate high school. One of their main goals is to “raise and protect the basic living standards of families in all regions of the country so that no child in Canada must ever live in poverty” as defined by Statistics Canada.

This week Campaign 2000 released their 20th report card, with an estimated 639,000 children living in poverty in 2011.

This is Canada. We are a social democratic society and we are supposed to support each other. Those who have provide for those who don’t – especially those who can’t fend for themselves. Every year I see the next report card and the title ‘Campaign 2000’ and it stings because we are failing our children.

More and more we are focused on the present more than on the future, more and more I am focused on the future. These kids deserve better education, better childcare, better health care, they deserve a better approach to justice and rehabilitation.

They deserve it and dammit we promised them a future 11 years ago.

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