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November 26th, 2011 | Posted by Amy Boughner in Personal

When I was a kid my grandmother (Tutu) always complimented my and my sister’s posture. She was very proud of how tall we were and told us that we should try to maintain a strong posture because we would be sorry to lose it.

I have always been happy to be tall. I am very excited that my kid is showing signs of being even taller than me. (I’m guessing she’ll hit 6 feet, Joe thinks 5’11”).

But my posture has lost out in my grown up life.

Every day as I sit at my desk, or with my laptop, even with my knitting, I feel my shoulders inching up towards my ears. If part of the reason I’m working on losing weight is to look better, then something must be done. No one looks great with a hunched back. My grandmother knew that because she had one, that’s why she warned us.

My main problems in this situation are: That I don’t have a strong back or strong abdomenals to force myself to sit up straight; that I’m not comfortable sitting ‘normally’ – I tend to sit with one of my legs under me, sometimes sideways on a chair; I’m often┬álazy and sitting up straight is hard.

So I will try to take up a posture challenge – part of getting back to the good place I was this summer. I will remind myself about sitting up straight and breathing deeply, just like I remind myself to take the stairs and eat healthily. I will push myself to get stronger as I grow older.

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