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November 25th, 2011 | Posted by Amy Boughner in Parenting

Today’s Parent is looking for some new bloggers. In order to apply, we’re supposed to write a post about what makes us unique as parent bloggers. The easy answer is that all parent bloggers are unique. No two parenting experiences are the same – which is the main reason I wanted to start this blog with Joe. I wanted to find out more about his parenting experience as we learn and grow with our daughter together.  It’s easy for me to blog over at Keep Your Head Up about all the various things that go through my mind as a mom, woman, thoughtful person, but I wanted to talk about situations as we shared them, and so The Adventures of Captain No-Nap was born.

Our pitch post is also supposed to include links to our best three posts. I, personally, am a fan of The Swaddle, Strong Women, Respectful Men and The God Question – which took the longest time to post about.  

Take this:

Add this:

Things get a lot more complicated.


Must… stick… to… format. Must… post… my… part… too… (what makes us unique? CHECK!)

Amy’s been amazing at blogging about her experiences as a mother on her site. But my site? It’s more about communications and web marketing and it’s rarely updated. Inspired by her work I started a posterous blog about parenthood but it was more about quick hits and cute photos than detailed thoughts.

It’s cliche to blame gender but in true man fashion, I didn’t know how I felt about opening myself up online. Amy’s drawn a great deal of strength from it but I never imagined I’d write posts like The Swaddle, The God Question and Bits and Pieces – posts that mostly stemmed from my staggering inadequacies as a father (links to three classic posts? CHECK!). But here we are.

Cause as much as we like to pretend we’re as hip and detached and cool as we once were (fact: I was never hip, detached or cool), we’re parents now. That changes things.

Photo representing our family life: CHECK! Mommy and Auntie Meaghan are dancing. Not because they want to. Because they were told to. We all know who really runs the show.




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