I have always loved the sound of heels on wood or tile floor. I loved hearing female teachers approach when I was younger. It was as though you could hear the authority in their step. They sounded strong click-clacking their way to their classrooms.

I don’t often wear heels, (Note: I wore Converse sneakers for my wedding). I only own two or three pairs right now, but when I do I feel strong, tall, authoritative, grown up. (Assuming I’m doing alright walking in them, which I may not be). My heels do not go higher than two inches, and they are always a decent thickness.

I have trouble finding heels that I love – that are a not too tall and not too thin, and comfortable and not ugly, and the fact that I’m a size 9-10 doesn’t really help. My purple heels are my greatest shoe find ever. I love my purple heels.

One of the consequences of working with a lot of women, is that a lot of them have really great style and great shoes. I am jealous of their ability to put themselves together – something I’ve never mastered.

And definitely jealous of their ability to walk quickly in heels.



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