The writing prompt for November 15 was: Have you face fears and overcome them?

My first thought was ‘no, not really.’

My second thought was ‘what the hell are you talking about? Of course you have.’

If I had never overcome fears I wouldn’t have a husband and a daughter, or a degree. If I hadn’t overcome a few fears, I would neer have been in a position to be in the job I currently hold.

I faced my fears when I left home for college, and again when I moved across the country to take my first job in St. Paul, Alberta. I trusted my instincts despite my worst fears and quit that job.

A little over a year later I quit another job, moved back home and started university at 23 – I was terrified of failing, but that decision changed my entire life. I went to school, got a job at the student paper, made a few good friends, including the editor-in-chief, who happens to now be my husband.

If I had not fought back my nerves, I would never have invited him over to watch movies that day we first kissed.

If I hadn’t pushed myself past my fears I would never have the life I have now. What’s more, right now I’m working hard to overcome more fears and create a life that makes me happier than I am right now. There is a lot to overcome, and there have been starts and stops along the way, but I am now getting to the point where it’s hard to make changes, but if I don’t do something it’s going to be worse.



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