Reading about the rise of the mother’s voice and whether we’re pushing Dads out of the picture got me to thinking.

As the mother of a daughter, I know that she needs her father in her life.

I was very lucky as a child, while my father was often out of the country I had my grandfather in my life. He taught me how to ride my bike, he helped teach me how to read, he helped me learn how to do little tasked around the house. He took me out for my first driving lesson, just like he had done for my mother and sister before me. He made sure I knew how to change a tire and his gift to me upon moving out of my mother’s house was a tool box so I would be prepared.

I think he wanted to make us as self-sufficient as possible, and I appreciate everything he did.

My husband has wanted to be a Daddy his entire life. While we have had some difficult and frustrating times, he just wants to get it right.

He wants our daughter to experience everything he loves. He gets excited when she gets excited and can’t stop himself from laughing when she laughs. He loves her to death.

He also loves me to death. He gets upset when I’m upset, he gets angry when I get hurt. He hugs me and kisses me and tells me I’m beautiful – even when my hair is a mess and I’m wearing pajamas.  

My daughter, despite all my fears, will have a wonderful example of how she should expect to be treated by any romantic partner, man or woman.

I knew from my experiences growing up that my children would have to have just the right Dad, and I found him.

Happy child, happy Daddy

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