So yesterday, I talked about the #3MDeckTheHalls campaign that I’m taking part in, and I mentioned that many of this year’s ideas for crafts and decorations came from Pinterest.

When I first joined Pinterest I was confused about what I would really do with it. It sounded like a good idea, but how useful could it be?

Then I got addicted.

Pinterest, if you’re unaware, is basically an online bulletin board. I post pictures with links to things I want to cook, crafts I want to make, interior decor that catches my eye, and the people I follow do the same, all categorize into whatever boards they create, and I can see and get inspiration from their pins.

It is beautiful.

I love my boards. I have a Things to Make board that I reference all the time – four of our planned dinners this week are from that board –  and my Things I Laugh at board is full of stuff that makes me giggle every time I go back to it.

If there is a time when I need some inspiration for just about anything I can find it there, and I get the chance to share other people’s inspiration too.

When I got selected to participate in the 3M Christmas decorating challenge, Pinterest was the first place I looked for ideas – and now that I’ve gotten lots of advice about crafting with the kid, I was ready to dive right in.

I found cute ideas for the family:

Reindeer Thumbs


I found lots of ideas for wreaths for the front door, and I found a recipe for salt dough ornaments that didn’t work at all, but led me to Google a recipe for salt dough ornaments that totally did:


And I also found a pin from a woman who put up a felt ‘tree’ on her wall and let her kids decorate it with felt ornaments – so when I saw a sheet of green foam and sticky foam ornaments at Michael’s, I knew that Maggie would have her own tree:


Oh Christmas "Tree"

If you’re a visual person, someone who loves to craft or cook or bake, or look at fashion or get inspired, I recommend checking out Pinterest – but be warned that you will end up spending too much time there.

And a reminder – you can go to the #3MDeckTheHalls gallery here and vote for your favourite decorating ideas until December 12.

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