At work the other day we had a meeting, and we’ve had a lot of new staff join us, so we went around the room introducing ourselves and we were asked to say something funny or odd. It was one of those situations when the mic moves around the room and you spend so much time thinking about what to say that by the time the mic gets to you your mind goes completely blank.

I was the person who couldn’t think of anything funny about myself until after my turn, so I decided, in this #NaBloPoMo, to make a small list of funny things people don’t necessarily know about me. I’m going with 11 since #NaBloPoMo is the eleventh month:

  1. When I was getting ready to leave for my wedding ceremony the dog snuck out the front door and I had to chase him down the street – in my wedding dress – and I only caught up to him because he stopped to poop.
  2. I once interviewed Jaromir Jagr – while he was in his underwear – and made him laugh.
  3. I once milked a cow
  4. I have only spent one Canada Day outside of Ottawa (and I spent it in St. Paul, Alberta)
  5. The first concert I ever went to was New Kids on the Block – I was a Joey fan
  6. I love puns. I tell people it’s genetic and those who have met my father and brother believe me.
  7. I attended a Senators’ practice on my first day as an intern sports reporter at the Ottawa Citizen and saw Chris Neil and Magnus Arvedsson get into a fight
  8. I have a sister, two half-sisters and a half-brother and I became an aunt for the first time when I was 12
  9. I am a fan of Hnat Domenichelli mostly because his name is Hnat Domenichelli
  10. Theo Fleury became my favourite hockey player early on in my hockey watching days because to me he looked like what a stereotypical Canadian hockey player was supposed to look like
  11. One summer when I was a kid I made it a goal to try every flavour of Slush Puppies

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